Social Media & The 2016 Presidential Election

Twitter has been a major battleground for both presidential candidates. The role of Twitter in the race to the Oval Office in 2016, is bigger than ever. Before, it was a platform in which people can “tweet” out their thoughts and have the chance to communicate with celebrities. Now it’s been a social media weapon where both candidates write 140 persuasive words to sway voters and throw verbal haymakers at each other. While Twitter is the mainstay place to be for constantly tracking the second-to-second of the election, Facebook is slowly becoming a better platform for broadcasting messages to the masses in a quick fashion, as well as giving the chance for voters to talk about major issues at length.

Amid all the disturbing and embarrassing truths coming out from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I think it’s safe to say that we all would rather have Barack Obama return for another term, as cringing as that sounds…but, unfortunately that isn’t possible.

Honestly, I’m glad that social media has played a part in this election. Without it, we wouldn’t have known about Hillary Clinton’s mis-dealings in Benghazi, and as well as all the emails that she deleted. As for Donald Trump, we wouldn’t have known about his inexcusable mistreatment of women and minorities without the help of social media.



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