New Radiohead Single/Video Released

So this is kind of a weird situation (par for the course for Radiohead), but only a few days ago the band deleted what was essentially its entire internet presence with the exception of sending cryptic “Burn the witch” messages to their subscribers.  Well today the whole process has become abundantly clear as the most unique band in popular music has released their new single “Burn The Witch” to all.  The single is accompanied by a pretty interesting little stop motion animated video that honestly I barely paid any attention to because Radiohead’s demands my full attention or I’m doomed to not understand it.  Given the direction of their last album I expected it to take me at least five listens before I “got it” but this song is surprisingly palatable, dare I say even enjoyable upon the first listen.

The single all but confirms the rumors that a new record from the notoriously media shy band is forthcoming.  If this single is any hint at what to expect, and knowing Radiohead it absolutely isn’t, than we should be in for another masterpiece since that is all these guys seem to put out.

-Ryan Schmitz

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