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Scott Avett

Well it’s that time of the year folks, time to put away the flip flops and t shirts and embrace the incoming cold.  For the Northerners amongst us brisk October days usher in a cherished time of the year.   That’s right… It’s flannel and beard season.  It is a truly magical time, when we abandon the tan and embrace the timeless tradition of growing out our facial hair and buttoning up our favorite beat up old flannel.  And of course, with the new chill in the air and tint to the leaves, we must also taylor our music accordingly.  In an effort to really get your autumn rolling, here are 5 artists that are perfect for the fall:

The Avett Brothers–  The Brothers have long been one of my favorite bands, I have seen them live more than any other group and for good reason.  I can safely say that the Avetts put on the best live show around these days, and as their band grows bigger, the shows get louder and more exciting.  These guys have captured the sound of the fall for me, songs about traveling, family, and the seasons, all hit very home and pair perfectly with a walk through the leaves.

Gregory Alan Isakov- I have two words for you: Fireplace. Music.  Isakov is has been consistently putting out some of the best quality music in the indie folk genre for the last ten years.  The mellow instrumentation and warm tone to his voice brings the season of autumn to life within his music.  Not to mention, many of his songs are about nature and the passage of time, something that just seems to make sense as we approach the end of another year.

Iron & Wine- There’s something about the fall that brings out mellow moods.  Maybe its the colder weather that just makes introspection that much easier.  Either way, if you’re looking for a quiet and angsty amble through the woods there is no better soundtrack than Iron & Wine.  “Love Vigilantes” is a great start but I think his entire collaborative album with Ben Bridwell, Sing Into My Mouth will set the perfect mood.

The Fleet Foxes– Warmth, depth, richness, all apply to what the Fleet Foxes bring to the table.  Though this group isn’t currently making music, they have a large enough catalog to keep you warm till next spring.  Robin Pecknold (lead vocals and guitar) has one of the most unique voices on the market and a world’s worth of talent, I can’t recommend this group enough.  For a little sample here is “Blue Ridge Mountains.”

Rogue Valley–  These guys did something really cool, they released four albums in one year, all representing a respective season.  So, there is almost no group more worthy of a mention in this list than Rogue Valley.  These guys use ambience, echo, and harmony masterfully to put together a sound indicative of the blustery autumn days and nights.  Their fall album, Geese In The Flyaway is really a beautiful collection of seasonal songs, and secures their place on any truly complete playlist.  Here is a sample from the album called “The Bottom of the Riverbed”

If you have any fall playlist suggestions comment below and let us know!

P.S.  That Avett Brothers song is arguably the best written lyrical piece since Dylan’s “It’s Alright Ma.”  Fanboy rant complete.

-Ryan Schmitz

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