Monday Morning Motivation

I may have missed the boat for the “Monday Morning Motivation”, yesterday. But as the saying goes, “it’s better late, than never.

As you know, I’m a hockey fan through and through. On my days off, you’ll find me on my laptop scouring the depths of YouTube for NHL highlights, ranging from dangles, goals, saves and hits. But there’s another category that always seems to attract me, in between-periods speeches from head coaches.

I’m sure you’ve seen last week’s one featuring former Flyers’ head coach, Peter Laviolette pumping up his guys during a game. But one of my favorites, is former Rangers head coach John “Torts” Tortorella digging into his players, while they’re in a 0-2 hole against an opponent.

Give your week something to be scared about, and get stoked for the week ahead.

Content may be NSFW

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