Small Tid-Bit On My Move To LA and The Pizza & Beer Festival in LA

It’s been almost six months since I’ve have written my latest post for HBC Vibes. Now I don’t know if everyone who’s reading this knows this about me, but I’m a passionate sports writer. In fact, I feel like almost 45% of my articles are about the New York Rangers. I left Greenwich almost 7 months ago, to LA in search of something new; something that was missing in my life, something that I’m still looking for still to this day.

It’s October 23rd, almost Halloween, and the external thermometer is currently reading 103 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s absolutely no way you’ll ever find these types of weather conditions in good ol’ Greenwich, CT in late October. NO SIR. There are times where, yes, I do miss the changing of the colors, or being able to wear comfy J.Crew corduroys and a Vineyard Vines quarter-zip, underneath a fleece vest. Living in LA reminded me why I needed to get out of the bland bubble, that is Greenwich, CT. Every day there’s always something to do, where I always assume that I’m going to bump into someone new and interesting. In fact, this upcoming weekend I’ll be attending the annual Pizza & Beer Festival at the LA Center Studios. At this event, guests will experience unlimited tastings of pizza from some of the top restaurants & food trucks in Southern California, as well as unlimited tastings of craft beer from local and regional breweries. The very thought of eating pizza and sloshing it all down with the hoppiest of all craft beers while perusing around boutique original art vendors showcasing their original art for sale is making me want this event to come even sooner!
If you’re a fellow Hashtag Board Co fan, in the area and interested in checking the event out, there’ll also be DJ’s, games, and a whole lot more!


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