Kick Back, Relax & Binge

Whether you’re absolutely bushed from skating with your bud, or need a break from finding out ways to sail around the world, here are three binge-worthy television shows today to keep an eye out for…

Peaky Blinders

Immediately after you watch the trailer(s), you instantly wish you spoke British, slam whiskey, and have the craziest haircuts you could ever want. I mean, that’s what I wished for after I saw all three seasons. The Peaky Blinders, a fiction-based series, set in 1920’s coal-rich city of Birmingham, England, recounts the many criminal exploits the Peaky Blinders gang operates through in order to make it to the big-time. Cillian Murphy heads the gang, in a stunning performance as Thomas Shelby, anchored by his brothers Arthur and John Shelby, who always seem to get into some kind of trouble, that are both beneficial and sometimes dicey for their Peaky Blinders. Oh, and did I mention Tom Hardy stars in a handful of episodes as a rough Jewish crime boss?


Friday Night Lights

Some say football is just a sport, and some may say football is a way of life and could be considered a religion. In a small town of Dillon, Texas, the latter prevails. This show tells the story of a tight-knit community that has one thing on their minds, Dillon High School Panthers Football. Award-winning director of the show, Peter Berg, helps the viewer see what it’s like to live in a football-crazed town, amid witnessing all the trials and tribulations everyone in the community of Dillon must go through. Football coach and caring father, Coach Taylor, portrayed by Kyle Chandler (Zero Dark Thirty), is the alpha dog on the show showing the audience how hard it is to balance football, the community’s expectations, and his family. If you love sports, with a sprinkle of family-values, then Friday Night Lights is the way to go.



If you loved Friday Night Lights, then you will love Bloodline, maybe. I was remarkably surprised when Bloodline got basically snubbed from any Emmy-win, last month. The photography of the show really brought to life what the series was all about. Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn, with the help of fellow co-star, Kyle Chandler (Zero Dark Thirty, Friday Night Lights), carried the show. Their acting skills almost made me want to watch the entire series over and over again. Set in Key West, tells about a well-reputed, respected family that has secrets and baggage of their own, safely hidden in the past. All of that gradually disappears when the deeply-estranged, black-sheep-of-the-family, older brother returns for a family reunion. Mistrust among the family quickly settles in and alliances must be forged.

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