HBCVibes Goes Down Under


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Hashtag Board Co. presents HBCVibes concert featuring Jason Derulo with special guests T.I. Austin Mahone, and Pia Mia. Hip-hop and pop icons celebrated their art on November 20-22nd in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.


Today’s world is inundated with connections.  “Can you follow me,” “I’ll friend request her,” “Should I accept or ignore him;” all mantras of the modern social media society.  Very few companies actually try to create the connections for you these days- that is where HBCVibes comes in. HBCVibes is the music and media division of Hashtag Board Co. (HBC), a lifestyle and apparel company that seeks to bring young entrepreneurs and the artistically minded together to create a dialogue.

Our goal at HBCVibes is to connect like-minded people in our brave new social media-minded world.  As young men and women we can have varying interests- some are athletic, artistic, entrepreneurial, etc. HBCVibes is a bridge across the language barrier to groups of people in our generation who want to connect.

Our vision was first inspired by competitive international sailing- something that takes the competitors around the world, from Malaysia or Brazil, to the Western beaches of Scotland or France.  This shared passion for the sport of sailing held by teens and those in their early-to-mid 20s, the demographic that HBCVibes has sought to bring together, transcends a simple friend request or Instagram follower.  What friends need is an experience where they can continue to immerse themselves in what they have in common.

It started with sailing and grew into something much greater.  Why limit ourselves to just a sailing or sports community? We want to touch on what our generation is thinking about throughout our daily lives.

The acronym of the day is FAME: fashion, arts, music, and entertainment.  HBCVibes serves as a platform where entrepreneurs and consumers alike can converge and discuss the aspects of this world that matters the most to them.  Whether that involves, cinema, music, or what’s new in emerging technologies. We are creating a platform where successful young adults can express themselves and bring out the best in one another.

Hashtag Board Co. is not only a community that simply talks.  Just last week HBCVibes, our music branch at Hashtag Board Co., in partnership with Rubystone Entertainment, MTV, and IHeart Radio went down under to put on a concert series is Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Australia.  We brought down some of today’s most popular artists: TI, Jason Darulo, Pia Mia, and Austin Mahone with the goal of bringing a ton of people together to share an experience.  What better way to do that than opening up a stadium to thousands of people and celebrating the best in pop and hip-hop music?

Fostering an atmosphere of social connection is what we’re all about, and we know how to do it.  In the spirit of inclusion, part of our mission is to train those who want to focus on musical promotion.  Those of you who find your passion in the musical community feel free to reach out to us at HBCVibes.com.

Today’s society is in a state of consistent flux, but one thing that remains constant is the power of young people to unite behind common passion.  At HBCVibes, we can help spark the flames of powerful and effective communication. After all, our goal is to connect your world.

-Ryan Schmitz

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