Hashtag Board Co. and the U

GREENWICH, Conn.— Just a few years ago, a relatively small, independent and private-owned extreme outdoor sports company had suddenly emerged. It happened one day as Rhett Ullman, just your typical teenager, engrossed with sailing, long boarding, surfing and snowboarding was grappling with ideas on how to converge all these activities into one and become a hip retail company, now known as Hashtag Board Co.

Flash-forward to today and Hashtag Board Co. together with a retail component, has now dipped its feet into the multimedia entertainment industry. After attending a successful event at the Surf Expo in Orlando, FL, Hashtag Board Co. gained a suprising follower in Waka Flocka just two months ago. Ecstatic with the news, everyone at Hashtag Board Co. feels that the company can go even higher. With an Australian concert featuring Pia Mia, Austin Mahone, T.I. and Jason DeRulo headlining the month of November, Hashtag Board Co. is putting their right foot forward and supporting the performing artists.

Meanwhile during this week, Hashtag Board Co. is taking their talents to South Beach and giving out a limited number of free Waka HashLife t-shirts to the student body of the University of Miami!

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