Best of the Best: Top Ten Movie Classics You Used Grow Up With In The 90’s

Every once in awhile, I take time and occasionally look behind at the past and really appreciate the moments that I had as a child and the amount of  quality films that the 90’s had graced me with. Flash forward to now, and I have taken it upon myself to a little power rank list and go down from #10 to #1.

#10 Flubber

If you don’t think that I’m going to put a Robin Williams’ masterpiece, then you’re crazy. A professor at a small college and a scientist in his basement at home on the side, longs for creating a great invention, but fails to do so in the process. Much to his fiancee’s dismay, he continues to be obsessed with this goal and she puts off the wedding. Finally, he creates a substance that can cause even the heaviest things in the air to bounce. He uses has Flubber to fight crime with him and to get his fiancee back.

#9 The Brave Little Toaster

Who doesn’t love a little Disney in their lives? “The Brave Little Toaster” tells a story of a band of misfit animated household appliances, led by a determined and courageous toaster, on a journey to find their owner who abandoned them in a cabin. A textbook Disney movie with a lesson for us all teaching that friendship and overcoming adversity are two big factors of being successful in life.

#8 Free Willy

It’s been instilled in our minds that playing with shamus or orcas is never a good idea. Alas, that wasn’t what the writers of “Free Willy” thought. The plot is largely about a killer whale who’s about to be killed by the aquarium, while a young boy is brave enough to defy all odds and save it. Through this testament of feelings and the difference from right and wrong, the boy becomes friends with Willy and risks everything to free him. If you aren’t crying by the time this film’s over, then you don’t have a soul. This film is a true national treasure.

#7 Airbud

In retrospect, I’ve wondered if the writers were incredibly high when compiling a script about a dog who has incredible athletic ability. A full sized golden retriever gets the nod in starting in a football game. The film is basically an insane highlight reel of Airbud putting sorry opposing players on their backside just by juking everyone, skills that would make even Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch jealous.

#6 Land Before Time

Now that I think about it, there should be more movies about dinosaurs. They’re awesome, loud, and super badass. I’d kill for a front-seat battle royale between a T-Rex and a Gigantosaurus, no rules necessary…just a bloody free for all. All kidding aside, “Land Before Time” plots six lovable and very different dinosaurs who must learn about themselves and most of all, each other. All the while, the prehistoric entourage must be guided by the legendary spirit of the deceased mother of one of the characters and face the various trials and tribulations that the group must endure. It’s a tale of true immortal friendship, have each other’s backs no matter what happens, and the importance of family.

#5 Mighty Ducks

You know you can tell you’re in the 90’s when Michael J. Fox has an innocent baby face. In the film, “The Mighty Ducks” he has exactly that. As the head coach of a bush league hockey team consisting of a ragtag group of underachievers, it’s up to him to “channel” his Herb Brooks and take them to the promised land. It’s essentially “Bad News Bears” but on skates; it’s got chirping, the most excellent goals and most of all, the undying importance of what’s like being on a team that treats you like family.

#4 Mrs. Doubtfire

Yet another Robin Williams classic. Back when Sally Fields looked incredibly goddess-like and Pierce Brosnan still had the dimples that could make any woman drool, “Mrs. Doubtfire” was one for the ages. Robin Williams reminded us why he was one of the best, just by his authentic humor that could even make the devil himself laugh hysterically. A man who heartbreakingly loses his wife and kids, transforms into a lovable old nanny to get them back and calls himself/herself Mrs. Doubtfire. Right from the moment he/she gets hired, she immediately connects with his kids and wife. God bless America and God bless Robin Williams, may he rest in peace and let his humor live on forever.

#3 Home Alone 1 & 2

Two movies of the same concept making the third spot, never heard of that! “Home Alone” is basically why we live for the holidays, the very moment when 25 days of Christmas comes through on ABC Family, you’re bound to see these movies at least 3 times a day and for good reason…IT’S AMAZING! “Home Alone”  tells a story of a young boy named Kevin who gets mistakenly left behind at home when his parents and the rest of his family go on vacation. While our young main character is trying to hold down the fort, two comical burglars, one portrayed by Joe Pesci, try to rob the house. Luckily, Kevin has some sneaky tricks up his sleeve and continues to foil the burglars’ pursuits.

#2 Space Jam

What’s a top ten 90’s movie list without “Space Jam”? Nothing. Every 90’s kid has this movie in their top 3 of all time. An NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is joined by a group of Looney Tunes characters, ranging from Bugs Bunny to Daffy Duck, in an attempt to beat the Monstars, a team of aliens who have absorbed the talents of other famous NBA legends, and have transformed themselves into unbeatable forces of nature. Jordan & Co. must beat the Monstars and save planet Earth with a game of ball.

#1 The Sandlot

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? “The Sandlot” has everything any young person could want; love, competitiveness, friendship, and most of all, America’s favorite past time, baseball. Set in the quintessential American suburbia of Southern California during the early 1960’s, newcomer and protagonist Scotty Smalls moves in with his mother and stepfather, and joins a local recreational baseball team captained by Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. Scotty soon improves under the tutelage of Mr. Rodriguez and immediately gains the respect of the team. To me, any major/minor/recreational sports team is like a family and everyone on that team has some sort of endearing nickname. In “The Sandlot”, everybody has one. From Michael “Squints” Palladorous all the way to Alan “Yeah-Yeah” McClennan, everyone treats everyone like family. One day, Scotty Small continues his improvement and hits a homer with his step-father’s game ball that Babe Ruth personally signed, from the practice field into the backyard of the dreaded neighboring English Mastiff, nicknamed “The Beast”. It’s up to them to come together once again as a team and retrieve the legendary game ball. The reason why this movie takes the number one spot is because of all the virtues that it teaches. Coming clean and being honest, the importance of teamwork and having each other’s backs, and most of all overcoming fear.

Honorable Mentions include: “The Goonies”, “Toy Story”, “The Lion King”, “Dunston Checks In”, “Angels In The Outfield”, “The Parent Trap”, “Hook” and “Patch Adams”.


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